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Regional Authority of the Pardubice Region
Komenského nám. 125
532 11 Pardubice

Czech Republic

Telephone: +420 466 026 111
Fax: +420 466 611 220

Local Government

Term of office of the present administration: 2012 – 2016


Number of seats in the Regional Assembly, according to the results of the election held in 2012:

number of seats in the regional assembly


Statement of purpose of the Pardubice Region Council 2012 – 2016


Health care

  • Ensure that health care in the Region is sustainable at least in the medium term
  • Retain all 5 hospitals in 100% ownership of the Region
  • Manage the hospitals centrally, especially on the level of the board of directors and the advisory board; ensure better cooperation between the Region and the public health insurance company
  • Prepare a new strategic document under the title: Scenario for transforming emergency in-patient care in the Pardubice Region. Through this document, present steps to be taken in the area of hospital management, comprehensive rationalization of the structure of all care departments within the Region, and increasing cost-effectiveness as regards operating costs and investments, and provide indicators and guidelines for healthcare staff
  • Offer all the proposed changes for discussion with the public, and also with healthcare staff and regional and local representatives
  • Exploit EU funds for capital investments, where possible
  • Extend the availability and use of communication systems and other modern technologies; provide support for image data transmission technologies, etc.
  • Extend central purchasing of healthcare materials and medicines
  • Support quality management certification and accreditation of hospitals
  • Transform centres for children in danger, in accordance with new legislation


Transportation, Transport services

  • Support modernization of the rail track linking Hradec Králové - Pardubice - Chrudim
  • Concentrate efforts on increasing safety at level crossings, and speed up the services on regional railway tracks
  • Prepare the construction of a new terminal at Pardubice airport, in collaboration with the Pardubice municipality
  • Continue to support efforts to make the Labe/Elbe river navigable as far upstream as Pardubice; initiate the construction of port facilities and a multi-mode logistic centre in Pardubice, taking all environmental considerations into account
  • Support further development of the multi-mode container transfer centre in Česká Třebová
  • Develop and optimize an integrated public transport system; adjust  bus and train timetables and stabilize the system
  • Support the construction of the R35 highway, make preparations for the construction of the R43 highway and by-passes for towns on first category roads; make maximum use of EU funds and state financial resources for reconstructing second and third category roads


Education, culture and historical monument care

  • Continue to adjust the provision of secondary schools in the Pardubice Region according to the latest demographic developments and according to the requirements of the labour market
  • Support technical education with scholarships and with science competitions, particularly in cooperation with future employers
  • Cooperate with major partners and experts (employers, employers’ associations, Labour Offices and the Regional Economic Chamber)
  • · Support adult education centres at secondary schools
  • Support the participation of talented young people in competitions and in traineeships
  • · Support inclusive education for children with special needs
  • Complete the revitalization of the historical Regional Museum building in Litomyšl
  • Construct good quality depositories for galleries and museums in the Region and further develop the exhibition areas
  • Increase the attractiveness of Pardubice Castle under a unified Pardubice Castle brand, in accordance with the  management plan; make the Pardubice Castle premises a modern place of culture, innovative entertainment and relaxation
  • Allocate financial resources to a grant scheme supporting comprehensive renovation of historical monuments in the Pardubice Region
  • Provide better promotion of historical monuments in the Pardubice Region, and intensify cooperation with tourist agencies


Social Services

  • Retain the current system of social services and social care, and ensure that it adjusts flexibly to the changing needs of people threatened by social exclusion (families with children, pensioners, people with special needs, members of national and ethnic minorities, etc.)
  • Maintain the basic network of ambulant, home-help and residential services for senior citizens, taking into account demographic trends
  • Prioritize a system of shared care for senior citizens
  • Provide ambulant and home-help social care services to help people in need to remain  in their own homes
  • Support actions aimed at reducing the number of children living in children’s homes
  • Prepare conditions for social sponsorship and social entrepreneurship, with a view to providing better work opportunities for people discriminated against in the labour market
  • Cooperate intensively with municipalities and NGOs in planning and providing social services, in increasing awareness about social services, and in combating crime in high-risk areas
  • Support education and other activities of people threatened by social exclusion
  • Intensify cooperation among public, private and non-profit sector organisations at local level and at regional level
  • Continue to promote and support volunteering and training for volunteers
  • Support family-oriented activities of NGOs, e.g. mothers’ associations and centres


    Regional Development and European Funds

    • Participate actively in preparations for the upcoming 2014+ programming period, together with other Czech regions and with partner regions abroad
    • Prepare Pardubice Region projects for EU funding
    • Strive for balanced and sustainable development of the Pardubice Region, through cooperation with towns, villages and local associations
    • Accelerate the preparation and implementation of important infrastructure projects in the region (e.g. the R 35 and R 43 highways, navigability of the Labe/Elbe, development of Pardubice airport)
    • Search for and exploit all EU grant opportunities to finance projects in the Region


    Property and Investments

    • Continue to make property settlements for the land beneath second and third category roads, pavements, etc. between the Region, the towns, the state, private owners and legal entities
    • Sell off assets belonging to the Region that are currently not being used, in a transparent manner
    • Aim at long-term energy cost reduction
    • Prepare a medium-term (long-term) investment policy plan
    • Announce ongoing major construction projects to the public on a web portal


      Environment, agriculture and countryside

      • Provide appropriate protection for forests and for agricultural land
      • Support and promote locally-produced products. Maintain and distribute subventions from the Countryside Recovery Programme
      • Work on developing a sustainable countryside, preserve local traditions, and support the activities of local action groups and associations
      • Provide funding to clean up and complete the decontamination of the former Transporta site in Chrudim
      • Decontaminate and clean up sites in Dolní Lipka and in other localities, in cooperation with the local authorities
      • Prepare, ratify and implement a waste management plan for the Pardubice Region
      • Resist the construction of dangerous new waste incineration plants in the Region, with a view to maintaining a clean environment
      • Promote separation of wastes, increase waste recycling, collect and recycle old electric appliances; motivate residents to participate actively in environment-friendly waste disposal
      • Support a system for re-using biologically decomposable wastes, through composting and use in biogas stations
      • Promote and provide financial support for the construction of flood-protection structures around settlements in the Region
      • Keep water resources under proper protection and surveillance; maintain the water supply network and construct new infrastructure elements; build new sewerage systems and drinking water treatment plants in villages with fewer than 2 000 inhabitants
      • Support nature-friendly landscape management, forest renewal and increased land fertility
      • Support ecological land stability
      • Provide grants for ecology education in schools and in training courses for NGOs
      • Support projects aimed at reducing emissions


      Sport and leisure activities, tourism, Information and Communication Technologies

      • Cooperate with sports organisations and youth organizations on a regional and national level
      • Provide support for major traditional sports events
      • Provide financial support for talented young sportsmen and women, and support sports activities for people with disabilities and for children
      • Support competitions for children and young people
      • Support activities and events that will bring visitors to the region for longer stays
      • Strengthen cooperation between the public sector and the private sector in the area of tourism
      • Continue to establish an interlinked tourist information system, including tourist information centres
      • Promote high-quality tourism in the Region, in cooperation with Destination Management Company East Bohemia
      • Promote the Region as an attractive destination with major cultural and sports events, a rich cultural heritage and natural beauties
      • Participate in creating competitive products for tourists
      • Exploit the Region’s potential for further development of bicycle tourism
      • Support the development of e-Government services
      • Support the development of e-services in tourism and in health care


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