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Regional Authority of the Pardubice Region
Komenského nám. 125
532 11 Pardubice

Czech Republic

Phone: +420 466 026 111

Local Government

The Regional Council

The Regional Council is comparable to a parliament at the regional level. Its composition is made up of members who are voted in local elections that are held every four years. The Regional Council decides on the most critical questions related to the self-governance of the region. Alongside this, it also approves the budget, appoints the President of the Region and other members of the Council Board. It has the right to submit draft bills to the Chamber of Deputies (legislative initiative) and to issue regulations of general application. The Regional Council also puts together committees which are supervisory bodies, which help it with decision making.

The number of Members whose presence is necessary to constitute a quorum shall be equal to a majority of the number of Members. Resolutions, decisions and votes are only valid if the majority of Members approves them. All minutes of the meetings are available on the website of the Region. The Regional Council shall meet whenever necessary, but at least once every three months. The meetings are open to the public and the dates of meetings are published in advance on the website of the Region.

Number of members:  45
Mandate period:  4 years
Electoral system:  proportional representation

All Czech citizens over 18 years old have the right to stand as a candidate in elections.


The Council Board

The Council Board is comparable to a regional government. The Council Board is the executive body of the region and it is accountable to the Regional Council. Its meetings are held usually once every two weeks and they are of a non-public nature. The minutes of the meetings are available on the Region‘s official website.

The Council Board consists of the President of the Region, their Deputies and members of the Council Board. Contrary to the members of the Regional Council, members of the Council Board take on full-time positions and therefore are required to leave their profession.

The daily roles taken on by the Council Board are to supervise the administration of the Region, to tackle projects provided by regional organisations, to prepare drafts and materials for meetings of the Regional Council and to ensure resolutions that are adopted are being fulfilled in full. Advisory bodies (commissions) are established concerning the process of decision making by the Council Board.

Number of members:  9
Mandate period:  4 years


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