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Regional Authority of the Pardubice Region
Komenského nám. 125
532 11 Pardubice

Czech Republic

Phone: +420 466 026 111

Regional Council

The main task of the Regional Authority is to support the activities of the Regional Council, Regional Board, committees and commissions. It is headed by a Regional Authority Director. This Director is accountable to the President of the Region who appoints them with the agreement of the Ministry of the Interior. The Council Board and the President of the Region give tasks in terms of autonomous competence to the Regional Council. The other tasks arise from the delegated powers.

The Regional Authority is divided into departments and units. The scope of activities of departments partially corresponds to those of individual ministries (environment and agriculture department, health department) or it is determined by the agenda assigned to the Regional Authority (organisational and legal department, regional trade licensing office). Other departments are formed with the specific needs of the Region in mind (assets management department, construction rules and regulations department, financial department, office of the President of the Region, office of the Head of the Regional Authority). The heads of departments and units are appointed and removed upon proposal of the Regional Council.

What is...

...autonomous competence?

It means the Region can decide about its matters and is not subordinate to anyone. It can establish, manage and abolish its own organisations (hospitals, secondary schools, social facilities etc.), create and form its own budget and purchase and sell its own property. It carries this out with the best interest of the public under its purview; compliantly and independently.

...delegated powers?

Delegated powers relate to the execution of public administration The Region organizes the integrated rescue system and fire protection, it supervises the execution of delegated powers of municipalities, and it reviews decisions concerning administrative infractions and other administrative delicts. It also has the responsibility to assess the impact on the environment, review decisions of school headmasters, grant social benefits and allowances, care allowances and social aid to those who need it most. The Region does all this in the interest of the state and for the state.

What the Region does in terms of autonomous competence?

Management of the region, investments, property

  • Managing the property of the Region and budget approval
  • Management of investments
  • Creating of legal entities and partially state budget-funded organisations
  • Administration of public contracts

Social affairs and non-profit sector

  • Funding of social services and distribution of grants and subsidies
  • Establishing of eight social welfare institutes and of a family counselling centre
  • Non-profit sector support

Education, culture, heritage preservation

  • Organisation of 57 secondary schools and 25 educational establishments with more than 20,000 pupils
  • Supporting financially heritage preservation
  • Ensuring activities of the regional library, museums and galleries
  • Supporting important cultural activities


  • Administration and maintenance of more than 3100 km of 2nd and 3rd class roads
  • Transport services of the Region (railway and buses)


  • The Region is the only shareholder of the Hospital of the Pardubice region (Nemocnice Pardubického kraje, a. s.) which unites five hospitals of acute care (Pardubice, Chrudim, Ústí nad Orlicí, Litomyšl, Svitavy)
  • Organisation of three institutes for medical treatment, two after-care hospitals and three children’s centres
  • Ensuring emergency services

Local development and European funds

  • Administration and management of development projects, funding of projects from European funds

Environment, agriculture and rural affairs

  • Funding for development of municipalities
  • Support of mobile shops
  • Promotion of local foods
  • Environmental burden solution, protection against floods, environmental education and awareness promotion
  • Waste management

Sport, tourism, leisure activities and IT

  • Financial support of regional development
  • Promotion of youth sport and endorsement of sport events
  • Promotion of the regional tourism by means of Destinační společnost Východní Čechy

What the Region does in terms of delegated competence

  • It organizes the integrated rescue system and fire protection, supervises the execution of delegated powers of municipalities and provides them with methodological assistance and reviews decisions in matters of administrative infractions and other administrative delicts, state administration of waste, nature conservation and landscape upkeep, assessment of the impact on the environment and national forest administration. Alongside this, the Region manages gamekeeping, fisheries, water supply and sewerage, water management, agriculture, spatial planning and Construction Rules and Regulations.
  • State administration in the field of social affairs, education and monument preservation


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