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External Relations of the Pardubice Region

Being an active member of integrated Europe is a long term intention of the Pardubice Region government. Since the very beginning of its existence the Pardubice Region has started to cooperate with partners abroad. In the process of creating new relations, the Pardubice Region respected geographical, historical and cultural connections, experiences of already existing relationships as well as newly established occasions. Currently there are five cooperation agreements between regions abroad and the Pardubice Region:


Lower Silesian Voivodship

Poland is the only country with which Pardubice Region shares the common border. The LSV with its capital Wroclaw is both our neighbour and previous twinning partner. The cooperation agreement between our regions has been signed on 22 April 2003. The regions implement many projects under cross-border cooperation programme of the EU (including infrastructure projects, municipalities’ renovation, tourism development and common cultural events).


County Tübingen and District Reutlingen

County Tübingen and District Reutlingen are situated in the federal state Baden-Württemberg in the southwest of Germany. The purpose of the twinning is to develop contacts and exchange experiences in the following areas: public administration, education, co-operation of universities, horse breeding and crisis management. The agreement has been signed on 18th March 2003 in Tübingen.


Prešov Region

The cooperation agreement with Prešov Region was signed on 22 October 2002. It lasts already more than 10 years and brought a lot of fruitful projects, especially in the area of social affairs and education. There were many common projects and events which have been organised together in the areas of culture, social affairs, school exchanges and public administration both either in Pardubice or in Slovakia.


Région Centre

Region Centre is a well known French region for its wine and castles on the river Loir, situated on the south of Paris. The seat of the Regional Government is in the historical city of Orléans and it was here where the agreement has been concluded on 27th March 2003. However the first cooperation links existed much earlier thanks to the participation in the Twinning project involving experts of both regions. The co-operation concentrates on cultural, educational or scientific exchanges. It involves economic development support, participation on agricultural conferences and recently tourism promotion too.


Region Abruzzo

It is the last region with which Pardubice Region signed the co-operation agreement. Region Abruzzo is situated in the central part of Italy, reaches up to the Adriatic Sea and on its area there are many unique nature reservations and parks. The agreement has been signed on 27th October 2004 in Pardubice and the co-operation concerns information systems in public administration, educational projects and environment, especially biodiversity.  


There are grants available to support Region’s international cooperation. Projects with partners from other foreign regions are now eligible too. For further information, please contact Alena Petranova, External Relations Section:, tel. 466 026 224.


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