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Regional Authority of the Pardubice Region
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Czech Republic

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Key facts

pardubický kraj na mapě čr

Area: 4519 km2
Population: 516 000 inhabitants
Population density: 114 inhabitants per km2
Number of municipalities: 451, among these, there are 15 municipalities with extended powers and 26 municipalities with a delegated municipal office. There are 34 municipalities that are classified as towns
Capital of the Region: Pardubice


The economy of the Region is based on industry and on commercial and public services. The structure of industrial production is different. General engineering is the strongest industry in the Region, followed by textiles, clothing and leather processing. No other Czech region has such a large chemical industry. The agricultural sector is also important. The total area of the region consists of agricultural land 60,75 %, forests 29 %, and water 1.35 %. Tourism sector is being recently actively developed too.

The economic prosperity of the Region is also influenced by the fact that the main European railway corridor runs through it and leads to Bratislava, Vienna, Budapest, Berlin and Hamburg. Air and river transport are also available.


10 “best of” the Pardubice Region

Pardubice – the capital of the Region with 90 000 inhabitants



  • Renaissance chateau and its garden (UNESCO protected), Monastery gardens with statues by famous Czech sculptor Olbram Zoubek, house where famous composer Bedřich Smetana was born and much more to visit
  • event: International opera festival Smetanova Litomyšl taking place every year from mid June till the first week of July


Dolní Morava Relax and Sport Resort


Veselý Kopec

  • the largest collection of Folk architecture in Bohemia
  • event: Carnival processions and masks in the Hlinsko area are registered by UNESCO as culture heritage


Svojanov Castle with a renewed gothic garden which is the only one of this kind in Central Europe


Czechoslovak Fort system in Králíky

  • fort system dating from 1935 – 1938 situated at the borders with Poland
  • Králíky Military Museum
  • Králický Sněžník National Nature Reserve
  • event: Cihelna – weekend at the end of August - series of military shows from WW II,


Chateau Nové Hrady

  • one of the only a few rococo monuments in the Czech lands, sometimes called the Czech Versailles, the First Czech Museum of Cycling in the chateau complex
  • event: open-air opera in castle amphitheatre during Smetanova Litomyšl festival


National Breeding Stud at Kladruby nad Labem

  • one of the oldest stud farms in the world breeding Kladruber horses (Kladruber greys are breeded in Kladruby, while the black ones are kept in Slatiňany)
  • national cultural monument SlatiňanyChateau and Hoppology Museum - one of the largest hippological collections in the world
  • Švýcárna Slatiňany – newly opened as a Kladruber Horse Museum


Museum of Crafts in Letohrad


Železné hory National Geopark

  • a number of geological phenomena which have been formed during more than 600 million years, unique museums and cultural sites
  • dense network of hiking and cycling tracks, horse riding trails and cross-country skiing trails in winter


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