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10 extremes in the Pardubice region

pardubický kraj na mapě čr
Lowest point : the Elbe near Kojice on the western border of the region, 200 m above sea level
Oldest stud farm : Kladruby nad Labem
Steepest ski piste : on Sviní hora (Pig Mountain), near Králíky
Oldest and most demanding steeplechase race : the Velka Pardubicka Steeplechase
Largest town : Pardubice, nearly 90 000 inhabitants
Highest point : Králický Sněžník, 1423 m above sea level
Largest water surface : Seč dam, 220 hectares
Largest protected landscape area : Maštale nature reserve, 1088.56 hectares
Highest chimney : Chvaletice power-station, 300 m
Longest river : the Chrudimka, 104.4 km



... occupies an area of 4519 km2 and has more than 505 000 inhabitants. The population density is 112 inhabitants per km2. There are a total of 452 municipalities in the region. Among these, there are 15 municipalities with extended powers and 26 municipalities with a delegated municipal office. Thirty-two of the municipalities are classified as towns. The regional central offices are in Pardubice.

The economy of the region is based on industry, and on commercial and public services. The structure of industrial production is varied. General engineering is the strongest industrial branch in the region, followed by textiles, clothing and leather processing. No other Czech region has such a large chemical industry. The agricultural sector is also important. The total area of the region consists of agricultural land 60,75 %, forests 29 %, and water 1.35 %. The economic prosperity of the region is also influenced by the fact that a major European railway corridor runs through it. Air and river transport are also available. Due to the good infrastructure there is increased interest from foreign investors in opening their businesses in the industrial zones that have been set up near the major towns.

The Pardubice Region has plenty of attractive natural and recreational areas, historical monuments and interesting sights for tourists. The protected landscape areas include the Železné mountains and the Orlické mountains, Žďárské vrchy, the area of Králický Sněžník, the highest mountain range in the region with a highest point of 1423 m, and the landscape along the Elbe river.

Medieval castles established from the 13th century onwards at strategic points in the region are among the most valuable architectural monuments. The dominant feature of the Železné mountains is Lichnice Castle. The ruins of Oheb Castle overlooking Seč dam offer a wonderful viewpoint for tourists. Rychmburk Castle dominates the southern part of the region. The ruins of medieval feudal residences scattered in the Železné mountains and near the Orlické mountains are also well worth visiting, as are the Svojšice fortress near Pardubice. Lanšperk, Brandýs and Žampach, in the Ústí nad Orlicí area, and the small castles at Žumberk and Rabštejn in the Chrudim district are also recommended. The Košumberk Castle ruins near Luže are of particular historical value. The most significant historical monuments in the region are connected with the noble Pernštejn family, from Moravia, who had two huge castles built, at Litice on the Orlice and on Kunětická hora near Pardubice.

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