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Regional Authority of the Pardubice Region
Komenského nám. 125
532 11 Pardubice

Czech Republic

Phone: +420 466 026 111


The Pardubice region is one of the 14 regions of Czechia. The capital city and the seat of the regional authorities is Pardubice.

The regions were established as higher-level territorial self-governing units in order to decentralise and bring the decision-making of affairs concerning the regions closer to the local people living there. Their creation was approved by the government in 1997 and the self-governing powers were enacted by the Act on Regions no. 129/2000 Sb.

These regions were formed on 1 January 2000, and they first began their activities after the first elections to Regional Councils that were held on 12 December 2000.


Total area 4519 km2 (approx. twice the size of Luxembourg)
Population 518 337 (31 December 2017)
Highest point Králický Sněžník, 1424 metres above sea level
Lowest point the Elbe river nearby Kojice, western border of the Region, 200 metres above sea level
Biggest dam Sečská přehrada, 220 ha
Biggest lake Hvězda Lake, 96 ha
Largest mountain range Králický Sněžník (Śnieżnik Mountains)
(The 3rd largest massif of the Czech Republic)
Largest natural reserve Natural reserve Maštale (1088,56 ha)
Longest river the Chrudimka (106 km)


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