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Regions and Their Competencies

A region is a geographically defined community of citizens which has the right to self-government. It owns assets and has incomes stipulated by law and manages resources in terms stipulated by law. The region acts in its own name in legal relations and bears the responsibility which results from the given relations.

The region administers its matters independently. In case the region is entrusted by performance of state administration, regional bodies perform it as their delegated power.


The region is not subordinated to the governmental authorities in the area of independent competence. In carrying out its self-government, the region is bound only by the legal order, not by internal acts of the State. The State interference is possible only in case of break of constitutionality and legality.


Independent competence of the region is stipulated by the Act on Regions. Competencies of the region pursuant to the Act:

  • management of the region
  • budget and final account of the region
  • legal entities of the region and organisational bodies of the region and participation of a region in legal entities
  • personnel and material expenses on operation of the regional office and special bodies of region, organisation, management, personnel and material arrangement of a regional office
  • issuing generally binding regulations
  • submitting Bills to the Chamber of Deputies in compliance with law
  • submitting proposals to the Constitutional Court for the repeal of legislation if it is believed that such legislation is in contrary to the law
  • programme of regional development
  • approval of planning and zoning documents for the territory of the region and publishing the binding parts thereof as regional legislation
  • cooperation with other regions, participation in cohesion regions
  • stipulation of the extent of basic transport services in the region
  • strategy of development of tourism industry
  • imposition of penalties in independent competence etc.


On the basis of special laws belong to independent competence of the region.

  • strategy of care of historical monuments
  • preparation for emergency situations, participation in conduct of crisis situations
  • organising secondary schools, technical training institutions and other types of schools
  • regional institutions of social care
  • establishment of healthcare institutions
  • strategy of waste management of the region
  • participation in proceedings and the environment impact assessment, elaboration of strategies for protection of nature, air, etc.


On the basis of special laws belong to delegated competence of the region:

  • appellate proceeding in the first instance
  • control of performance of the state administration by municipal bodies and methodical assistance to municipalities
  • review of management of municipalities, if the municipality requires it
  • performance of supervision over legality in the state administration and self-government of municipalities
  • permissions to special use of roads of II. and III. category
  • performance of state care for historical monuments
  • brokering of adoptions and foster care
  • decision-making on categorisation of forests
  • decision-making in the area of hunting, giving permission to hunting, fishing, creation of fishing districts
  • leading and elaboration of waste register, approving treatment eith hazardous substances
  • performance in the area of protection of nature, air, agricultural land resources
  • performance of the agenda of regional trade licensing offices etc


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